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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

Our fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale continues to produce some nice fish for our anglers and the majority of the action continues to take place in water from 100 to 450 feet of depth.

The weather has really warmed up with mid to upper 80s forecast through the week. Small front coming in this weekend that will knock ten degrees off of that higher end, which is predicted to top out at 89 degrees on Thursday. Lots of sun and no rain here on the beach side where we spend our days. Some rain over the Everglades now as this weather really warms up.

As we stated earlier there are some good fish to be hooked what with a few Sailfish around and good sized Amberacks now getting on the deeper wrecks in larger numbers. Larger sharks coming through as well.

Live bait has been the best approach to getting a Sailfish and there can be a slow moving clock waiting for the bites, but they are here. Seems like a depth in excess of 200 feet out to over 400 is a good area. This is a fairly broad area to try to cover, but that seems to be where they prefer to be. We have been mixing that up with a couple of shark baits when out in those deeper depths and there are sharks in larger numbers and size now there.

We have had the good fortune to get in the midst of a few schools of Mahi-Mahi and that has been fun and should continue to be more and more in the program as it is now that time of year for those fast moving schools of these colorful Mahi-Mahi to show here in increasing numbers. They are really moving along quickly unless they happen on a good bunch of baitfish, which is typical as we have mentioned before for this time of year.

We have managed some Blackfin Tunas but they have definitely backed off for us. There are some good ones though as you can see by the photos. More Bonito now.

Kingfish continue to vacation in parts unknown with only a very few hitting the ice but we had some very nice Golden Tile Fish out in 700, fishing was easy for them with only a slight current but Captain Matt and JJ didn’t try them today with the current being substantially stronger. There are some decent Gray Tiles in shallower water but those plump Goldens have been a pretty good bet. Thanks Mike and Billy for leaving a nice one for Matt and I, really fine eating. They don’t call them the “Poor Man’s Lobster” for any other reason than that. Good stuff and we’ll be back on them as soon as the current backs off unless those Mahi-Mahi decide to really let go.

Tight lines and good fishing from the older ones, that being Captain Kopper and myself, and our young guns Captain Matt and our deckie JJ. all aboard the Marlin My Darlin.

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