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Fort Lauderdale fishing charter catch update

Multiple species continue to be in our area and our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters have been offering up some good catch numbers. If you have kids and family and you are looking for action you’re timing is good. Kingfish, Bonito, Tunas and some Mahi-Mahi along with some fat and large aggressive Barracudas have been taking our baits. So on most trips there has been good steady action that will keep the kids interested and in the game.

          There continue to be some Amberjacks on the shipwrecks. As for the bigger fish out front and accessible on a half day there has been an upswing in the numbers of Sharks. The Sailfish continue to be very spotty at best and we’re certainly happy to tangle with one when he comes along but they are not our main focus. Our focus has been on action and the species listed above have been providing that action.

          Offshore and on longer charters we will be searching out the Mahi-Mahi. This is fun fishing as everyone can be involved looking for the clues that show their whereabouts. Over the years I, as well as Matt and Tommy K. have had customers point out a board or bird that managed to show it or their self  to them before our  practiced eye(s) have noticed it (LOL). So with every ones eyes looking and scanning the water the odds are better for picking up a clue. And a single clue can lead to a single fish or a school or a hundred or more so you won’t hurt our feelings if your eyes see it first. But the binoculars are mine.

           Chance of rain every day from now until the Fall, probably some there too, so don’t be too discouraged with the forecasts and get in on the summer fishing. Swordfish out there in the deep water offshore, we have some good spots, and that will require a full days charter. We’ll all watch diligently for the signs of the Mahi-Mahi fish as we make our way offshore to the X where we hope to find a Swordie.

           Tight lines and good fishing from all of us aboard the Marlin My Darlin

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