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Fishing charters Fort Lauderdale

Offshore angling is offering up some good catches and we are fishing in some nice comfortable  conditions. Very little wind has resulted in some very calm seas with only a slight chop on the water and once again lady  quite a bit of that famous south Florida sunshine  Our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale aboard the Marlin My Darlin have been producing similar catches as our last report of Mahi-Mahi, Kings and Bonitos, Sharks and some Blackfin Tunas with the addition of some Mutton Snappers. Nice Cobia (Ling) on 20 pound spin in the lead picture was taken off a Loggerhead Turtle. That fish lived up to the Cobia’s sometime personality of being very, very picky and turning down numerous casts and different baits. Curiosity killed the Cat fits well here as that fish really didn’t seem inclined to bite until what was probably the 10th cast, which was the same bait he turned away from the cast before. Good fight for our angler.

     The Mahi-Mahi have backed off from the previously decent bite and are widely scattered offshore. Still a chance of finding them inside of 800 feet but many have moved off into deeper water. Scattered debris will hold fish but many seem to prefer to be on the move so birds whether they be terns, gulls, or  Frigates are the best buddies for pinpointing them when the fish are moving, especially when they are moving rapidly with a purpose versus a lazy swim. Still no Wahoo under the debris offshore for us / they are late.  

      Good strong Kingfish bite continuing along the reef line. Once again almost are keepers and far enough above the minimum size that they don’t require a measurement. Again as expected the Bonito are mixed in with the Kings. Some Tunas.

      With the slowing of the current we have spent some time fishing the bottom with Mutton Snapper in shallower water and Golden Tilefish out in water over 100 fathoms. That’s Captain Kopper with repeat charter Omar, his family, and 4 Muttons off a shallow spot on a morning trip.

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