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Deep Sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

As we move into mid July we continue to see good action on our Deep Sea fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale. The reefs are offering bites from a few Sailfish, along with Kingfish, Bonito and  good sized Barracudas are still taking baits despite not being targeted. Off the edge there have been some Blackfin Tuna and scattered Mahi and still an unusual number of Sharks.

         Trolling continues to produce with Bonito strips being our primary bait of choice. Braided lines on the two deep planer rods provide the most action, even with the Sailfish. It’s not unusual for a Sail to try the planer bait which is down 40 to 60 feet, trip it on the bite, not getting hooked, and then appear behind a long surface bait as that tripped planer bait holding his attention rises to the surface. We continue to hope for Wahoo on those deep planer rods but they continue to be scarce.

         The number of deep water Sharks is surprising as that fishery backs off during most summers but there are sharks moving into the current outside the reef on many days. As for the reef  Sandbar Sharks, a summer regular, are available on bottom fished baits, and Spinner sharks, another regular summer visitor, have been near shore and in the inlet.

          Nice Mutton Snappers still available and there are Tilefish out in the deep water as well. A slight current has allowed us to fish bottom spots for both species.

           A bit of a welcome breeze taking the edge off the heat and putting a small chop on the water. A/C units a full tilt this summer and have kept the cabin pleasant despite some warm days.  

Tight lines and good fishing. Marlin My Darlin

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