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Fort Lauderdale fishing report

We are happy to bring you an upbeat Ft. Lauderdale fishing report with good catches on the reefs edge and also offshore in some pretty blue water being present in both areas.

Kingfish continue to be regulars on and at the edges of the reefs in water from 90 to 200 feet of depth. Most are of keeper size but we did have a charter where it seemed the smaller ones weren’t going to allow legal sized ones to take a bait. It’s fun to catch almost any size but bigger is often better when it comes to meeting the minimum length limits, and there have been some really good ones mixed in. There are some Mahi-Mahi off the edge and Capt. Matt found them in 900 feet and just below our inlet on an afternoon charter. As expected the Bonito are still passing through here and they are mixed in with the Kingfish.

We continue to see some nice Snappers on cut and also live baits. This fishing is limited by the amount of current on any given day but the flow has been slight so we have been targeting them when requested. Some good Muttons biting now.

Even though the prime time for Sharks is getting further and further behind us we have had some success with them. Still Hammerheads off the edge of the reef and Sandbars and Spinners inside.

Lots of Spinners in just off the beach if you are looking for some light tackle fun.

The weather forecasts continue to hold an almost everyday chance for rain and there have been some pretty good ones passing through. The good news there is they are most often brief in duration and fishermen can duck inside into the A/C for a few till they pass. Captain and mate take the hit and 1st mates JJ and Garrett get it pretty good as the fish don’t mind the rain at all and we have bent the rods on some good ones in some very wet moments.

Tight lines and good fishing. Marlin My Darlin

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