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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters update

We continue to see those summer showers with regularity. But they really haven’t caused us to cancel any of our Fort Lauderaqle fishing charters as they continue to be brief out over the ocean. Back over the Everglades to the west is a different story and there have been some very wet days out there. A good example is Ron in our lead photo with that fat Mahi-Mahi. The forecast was for a 60% chance of showers and Ron and I discussed his charter and I said for him to make the call as we were fine with it. He green lighted it the next day and drove all the way over from Sarasota four days later to target Mahi-Mahi and Mahi-Mahi only as you really need to pack a lunch (and probably dinner) to target Mahi out of Sarasota as the deep water is miles and miles from shore. Ron landed that big fish and others 5 miles off the beach here

Good Kingfish action continues but there have been a couple of lumps in the road with an occasional slower pick. Bonito still steaming by on their way to wherever at a pretty good clip. Get bit by them and that school was passed a good distance beyond when we fin ally land the ones that piled on us.

We included some pictures on those Snappers we mentioned in earlier reports. Some good Jacks available on deeper wrecks and Tilefish out in that 700 foot plus depth.

Mahi-Mahi as you can see are offshore and a Swordfish charter is a good way to combine your chances for both species.

And yes, we do have rain gear, and we have your size. The fish don’t care, they are already wet. Tight lines from all of us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin

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