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Early August fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

It’s hard to believe that we are already into August. The summer really does seem to be literally flying by. Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale in August often offer a lot of action and we are seeing that now. Still some Sailfish around and although it has been slow on the Wahoo along the reef line they will show soon enough and as we have mentioned before they will be much larger than the typical sized Wahoo that we find further offshore around floating debris and edges this time of year.

Kingfish continue to be here as expected and we are seeing most of them in or around 120 feet of water. Trolling deep with braided lines and planer boards will draw the most bites and we prefer to bait those lines with Bonito strips and those are cut each day by 1st mates JJ and Garrett. We also bait those lines on occasion with a Mulllet strip with the mates cutting 4 strips from each Mullet. But mostly we use the Bonito strips and everything loves them, even other Bonito. And August is known for a full on assault from passing Bonito schools, and plenty of them passing are through already. Captain Kopper was catching them fishing right on the bottom this morning as he targeted Mutton snappers in over 200 feet of water on the edges of a wreck here off of Ft. Lauderdale. Not unheard of but not very common either.

Mahi-Mahi continue to be for the most part a good ways offshore. This is a good time to try for a Swordfish out in the deeper water along with the Mahi as the ocean is often calmer than other months, and they are offshore this time of year. “Usually” calmer, as August is the month the light seems to turn green for our type of storm here, the hurricane. Knock on wood. We have been out of the cross hairs for a long time now, but not long enough to forget. Little tropical system just passed across the state above us yesterday, nothing much but a reminder of where we are. That system came across out of the west from the Gulf of Mexico.

So Kings near shore along with at times numerous Bonito. Some Blackfin Tunas and we continue to chip away at the Snappers with a few Jacks in the mix. Some Mahi, essentially out in the deep now.

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