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Good action offshore and summertime showers

The late summer forecasts will continue to hold the possibility of rain and that is to put it simply “the way it is” here in South Florida. Occasional thunder storm but most likely just showers on many days. Yesterday’s sunrise found a thunderstorm just offshore and moving toward us here at our dock. A phone call and we slowed down the charter guests and pushed our early start back. Even at that we hung back at the dock before pulling out to let the storm work through. 15 minutes later the thunder storm part of the cell was passed as we expected from checking the radar and off we went. Showers were a regular part of the charter, but the thunder that had every ones attention was gone. And the fishing was very good. So the summertime action can be very good and rain is on the radar most every Fort Lauderdale fishing charter we take. When the occasional window rattler gets in the mix we give them some room, no roads out there, turn left when you see it on the right.

Good action on the reefs and we have had better luck offshore with some Mahi-Mahi schools. Actually the Mahi-Mahi fishing has been very strong for two days now. Good catches and not too far offshore. Not having to travel too far offshore is a home run, meaning not a lot of searching open water. 700 to 800 feet which is within a few miles of the beach has been prime. Reef action has been very strong with Kingfish, that larger one pictured coming in at 22 pounds. Bonito schools still tearing down the reefs and offering a good pull on light tackle. A couple of Sailfish both inshore on the reefs and also out in the deep water.

Tight lines, stay cool and hopefully dry, and good fishing this week for sure, Marlin My Darlin ( JJ, Matt, Tommy K, JJ and Garrett)

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