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Deep Sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Reasonable weather here with a beautiful clear morning and the forecast has 92 degrees as the top number. Slight breeze out of the east/southeast and calm sea conditions. Deep Sea fishing continues to be good with mixed species hitting the ice. We have as always included a few pictures of recent anglers with some of their catches. Summer typically offers good catches here off the Gold Coast.

Mahi-Mahi remain a very real possibility on every day we head offshore. The numbers have backed off from the big numbers a few days back but we are continuing to see them as they move through the area.

Kingfish remain a primary target on the reefs near shore. We typically choose trolling as that usually produces bigger numbers of fish for our anglers so they can remain active but some good sized ones are around and a frisky live bait very often catches the biggest fish, but there is often a big one happy to jump on a well rigged dead natural bait too.

Once again there are some Sailfish around and while they can be encountered almost anywhere offshore we feel that along the vicinity of the reef lines remains best, and now is a good time to spend some time in the same vicinity as the Wahoo are showing up as expected.

Some Snappers, Jacks and Tiles on the bottom out front. Bonito remain very much in the area with the occasional Blackfin Tuna. Did well on those Tuna on a late in the day charter. Also some plump Skipjack Tuna offshore.

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