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Good action on Fort Lauderdale fishing trips

Despite some rain associated with a low over our area the fishing has remained steady on the near shore reefs and just off the reef lines. Certainly saved a bit on sunscreen the last two days as gray skies and showers were greeting us both mornings as we headed through the inlet. We steered around many but some were not to be evaded and we have had a chance of rain all our recent Fort Lauderdale fishing trips. The better news was it was that south August Florida warm summer rain and the seas have been flat calm. A peek at the sun this morning but now it’s back to gray, but no rain. The tropics are loaded and Texas is getting the biggest hit with Harvey’s rain and wind. So we don’t care too much for that rain, but we have to be thankful as we dodged a dangerous bullet there. You will see some photos of our damp and parka clad anglers included in this post.

Really strong Kingfish action to the south ( 2 to 5 miles)of our inlet. Still good numbers of those Bonito ( False Albacore, Little Tunny) piling on the baits but a slight decrease in their numbers has allowed those Kings a better chance at beating them to the baits and the bites have been aggressive and strong from those Kingfish with solidly hooked fish being the norm. Very few cut offs of fish biting behind the hook and not returning. Hooks well planted inside their mouths as we land them. Every fish has been easily of legal size but we have released some of them regardless. Losing some of those Bonito regularly now as large Barracuda, Sharks and possibly a Wahoo or two have taken advantage of hooked fish.

Occasional Blackfin Tuna and Mahi-Mahi. Tried the Golden Tiles yesterday for about 30 minutes in good current conditions at two spots and on a comfortable flat calm day and drew a blank. Second spot was considerably deeper than the original drop as they often move deeper in August, but no bites.

Rain will continue to be a regular visitor for the next few days but we have flat to near flat seas and the temperature is coming in below ninety ( 88 to 89!) with the overcast. That’s a nice change. Fish are biting. There is an ever so slight chance for some sun. Always looking for the bright side. Thanks to our anglers for braving the rain. Fishing is good, we are leaving them biting.

Tight lines and good fishing

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