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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters

Gone are the rainy days and we are enjoying fully sunny days, the first in some time. Our anglers on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters are getting plenty of that South Florida sunshine with temperatures in the low 90s. Sunscreen and a hat, no ponchos or rain suits this week. Very little wind now and a slight north current resulting in pleasant fishing conditions.

Continued strong action on the reefs within a mile and a half of shore in water from 90 to 200 feet of depth. Despite near flat calm conditions we are getting good activity on our surface baits with a lot of bites directly behind our teaser baits. Here on the Marlin My Darlin we fish some baits real close to the transom right behind our teasers which we drag regularly if the seaweed conditions don’t overwhelm us and it makes for a fun bite real close in. We like a swim bait in there but a skip bait fills in when the weeds are too thick. A skipping bait has less of a tendency to load up on weeds, so we do put one there when the swim bait spends more time snagging weeds than looking pretty. We call it “the frog” for fun ( no frogs out here in the salt), and it is fun to watch a fish take a bait so close in. Bonito, Mahi and Sailfish, and that is the correct order right now. Bonito (Little Tunny, False Albacore) remain front and center for the most bites. This will soon change as we have mentioned before, as their mad dash through the South Florida fishing areas will soon slow as their migration through here winds down.

Kingfish continue to please with a strong bite. Most of the bites from them on the deeper fished planer lnes. Some Blackfin Tunas and Mahi- Mahi. Still Sailfish opportunities on the reefs as we wind down to the end of August. Swordfish offshore and conditions are very good for those Swordies right now.

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