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Nice weather and good fishing in Ft. Lauderdale

Once again we are seeing some really pleasant weather after enduring several days of rough rainy conditions. The last three days have offered some good fishing here in Ft. Lauderdale as we put behind us the poor weather and canceled charters from the first part of the week. Sunny again today and 89 was our high and except for a brief pre-dawn shower not a drop of rain!

Good bunch of Kingfish, a repeat of yesterday, along with a nice Shark on our AM trip today. A good Hammerhead right at 8 feet. We see sharks all year but this is not what we would call “high season” for them, that being the spring months. But there have been some decent ones around and it was good to have a happy ending to a request to target them.

This afternoon we fished Mark and his family here aboard the Marlin My Darlin. Those are his kids in the lead photo. Capt. Kopper and JJ crewed today and as you can see the kids landed some Kings and that Yellow Jack. Barracudas are out in force most trips. Mark’s initial trip with us was about two weeks ago and on that afternoon trip myself and JJ crewed on that charter. We went straight offshore on that trip and found good Mahi-Mahi action in water from 650 to 850 feet deep, which was where we expected them to be from good fishing there on charters prior to their trip. Wickedly good weedlines (also pictured) and also debris holding lots of bait and fish.

Bottom fishing has been good with Vermilion Snappers on the deeper spots in the area of 350 feet. Some Grouper and also an occasional Genuine Red Snapper too, the Reds not at all common here.

Sailfish and Wahoo essentially playing hooky right now out front with only an occasional crack at either of those species. Water clarity is poor near shore in Fort Lauderdale due to that early and mid week rain, but other species are here and biting . And the sun is shining and the wind is down. Nice to be a part of it all.

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