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Ft. Lauderdale Deep Sea fishing

As we head into the weekend there is a chance of rain every day. Heavy rains daily several miles out to the west of us in the Everglades and luckily only fast moving and brief but occasionally heavy showers with no thunder or lightning out here on the coast. We hyave been fishing regularly and the Ft. Lauderdale deep sea fishing has been decent with lots of Kingfish continuing to bite on the reefs and some Mahi-Mahi just off the edge.

The water on the reefs is far from a deep blue with mostly a slightly greenish tint. This color of water is actually on many days a big plus when targeting the Kingfish and our catches have reflected this with good numbers of fish and they are running larger than our last report. Water from 80 to 120 has been best and the deeply fished lines with long leaders and Bonito strip baits draw by far the most attention.

The Mahi-Mahi haven’t shown any disdain for the greenish water and we have managed some good gaffer sized fish as pictured. Yesterday the cleaner water did get up to the reefs for awhile and with it were good bunches of Flying Fish which were piling up on the color change with the easterly breeze and attracting the Mahi and also getting them into a tizzy as the Mahi-Mahi do love those Flyers. They sometimes put on the blinders in regards to other types of bait fish when the flyers are thick, often turning down your favorite Mahi-Mahi bait, so a small live bait is sometimes required to draw a strike. Aim just out front with the cast and not too far ahead so they don’t have too long to think about it and react out of instinct when they hear the splash and see the livie. If you get turned down a quick removal of the bait fishes tail can be magical when cast to the same fish with the same placement of the cast.

Snappers and some Grouper continue to be available. Still a shortage of Sailfish with only an occasional bite from them. Wahoo are scattered at best. Going to wrap this one up, leaving the dock on a charter in 10 minutes.

Tight lines and good fishing from all of us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin

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