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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

Our first cool front of the season is passing through as we write this and we are looking forward to see that expected dip in the mercury. The forecast has this front dropping the temperatures to a morning low in the area of 60 degrees the next couple of days and we are looking forward to the lower temps and the northerly winds accompanying the front on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. As always we have included some pictures of some of our anglers.

This change in weather could possibly get a few more Sailfish moving and actively feeding. A couple of days back there were a few in the area but they have again backed off with some discolored water taking over the reefs, but that may change with this new weather moving in. There are Wahoo in the area and inside of 300 feet as been best.

With the discolored water on the reefs we have seen some good Kingfish action as these fish do like water slightly off color and often actually prefer it. The areas of around 100 feet in depth have offered the most bites with strong current right now. Trolling with deep lines continues to produce regularly. An attempt to get a larger Kingfish with those small live Bonitos for about 35 minutes only produced one strong Kingfish bite and he gave us the slip.

A trip offshore this afternoon found us fishing on a very nice edge in 700 feet with a distinct color change and a fair amount of weeds. No large bunches of fish there but we did have action from hungry aggressive Mahi-Mahi that came into the baits as single fish.

We fully expect this rain to be out of here by morning with only an occasional shower passing through. Even with a good amount of rain here this afternoon we managed to avoid all of it, catch some fish, and get back to the dock never having to don any rain gear. As soon as we tied up the Marlin My Darlin we had to duck inside the cabin to avoid a 10 minute heavy rain. But I did get wet coming down the ladder to join our charter inside the cabin. I’m not going to complain as that one would have soaked me thoroughly if it had caught us offshore.

Sea conditions should be good the next few days and of course we will all enjoy the cooler days. Tight lines and good fishing to all. We’ll probably start with the Kings and watch for any Sails moving on the front and be ready to sneak a peek in the deeper water for those Mahi if it starts slow inside. Too much current right now to work our bottom spots. There are Spanish Mackerel and small bluefish close to the beach.

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