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November opens with some Sailfish, Mahi and King action in Ft. Lauderdale

Action here on our fishing charters here in Ft. Lauderdale has been fairly steady. A few more of those Sails in the area now and with another front coming this weekend we will hopefully encounter more. The front while not expected to drop the temperatures more than a few degrees will if forecast properly will give us several days of northeast winds stronger than we have now. It is going to blow a bit and we as well as others feel a little velocity and that direction certainly won’t hurt the fishing. A bit of north current will be a plus too. Hopefully not too much wind and it appears that the weather boys have it forecast as being very fishable.

The Mahi-Mahi continue to pass through in small bunches and they certainly won’t have an issue with a bit of wind. A northeast often presses them up at or near the reefs where the bait will pile up because of the wind and current edges. We look forward to more of this because there are as we mentioned small bunches of them in the area now, and that with only a minimal amount of northeasterly wind. They are moving fast and the Frigate birds keep us in the game as nothing escapes their vision.

Blackfin Tunas around and just off the edge. A few Wahoo in tight, and the Kings continue to take baits fished along the reefs, some a bit larger than they have been.

The weather has been great with low to almost mid 80s. Only a slight chance of rain continues to hold true. The slight northeast wind right now makes it feel a bit cooler. As we mentioned there is a bit more northeast in the forecast over and just past the weekend. As always we have included photos of some our anglers who have fished offshore with us. Good fishing weather, see you on the rip.

JJ, Matt, TK and JJ aboard the “Marlin My Darlin” fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale out of Dock A @ Bahia Mar Marina.

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