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Deep Sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

With the Ft. Lauderdale boat show in full swing here it has been nice to get offshore and away from the crowds and traffic. The good news about the crowds and traffic is that is does send a few anglers our way looking to do just that, get offshore of Fort Lauderdale and enjoy some deep sea fishing. And the weather has been stellar. Cooler and clear with good sea conditions. But we are inching our way back to warm every day. Lower to mid 80s today will be the high despite a cooler morning.

We continue to chip away at the Kings regularly but there have been some days where they have proven picky. Deep lines such as planers with braided lines and also live baits weighted to get lower in the water column have been as they often do providing the most bites. These fish have moved slightly deeper into water up to 150 in depth, but they aren’t afraid to get inside and almost on the beach into very shallow water as there are Spanish Macks and bait in there. Actually lots of bait everywhere now.

A few more Sailfish showing up now but still early for them. Late November often holds some reasonable to strong action so we look forward to then and hope past years patterns again hold true for them. It will be a brief window for hopefully 2 to 3 weeks that will then taper off until the Winter push. We’ll chip away for now. There are Sailfish and Mahi-Mahi in small groups blowing up on Ballyhoo bait schools. Can happen anywhere but most seem to be in water from 30 to 50 feet deep and just below our inlet. Livie required and by far best to match the hatch and go light.

Tight lines and good fishing from all of us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin. Fishing in Ft. Lauderdale November

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