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Fort Lauderdale fishing report

The long Thanksgiving weekend has come to a close. Always a busy weekend here in town and all of South Florida and this one was true to form. We are back to normal people wise and the traffic has thankfully thinned out. But the beautiful weather we experienced over the weekend has changed here with the beginning of the new week as that sun and zero rain and slight wind conditions have become gray with passing showers and plenty of wind. Monday was OK but too much wind today as an easterly flow with a tinge of northeast has it kicked up pretty good. Tomorrow it is forecast to continue but Thursday is predicted to be nice and we will be heading back offshore.

There continue to be Mahi-Mahi, Kings and Blackfin Tuna in our area. Scattered Sails and Wahoo. Earlier mornings have been best for the Mahi-Mahi and Kings and late in the day has been again best for the Blackfin Tunas. A charter we had set up to fish late in the day decided to come in early and those Tuna got a break as we were certainly looking forward to the later afternoon and twilight bite that has been common.

Those Kings have gotten tough in the afternoons the last several days. Deep lines continue to do the best. The Mahi-Mahi have been near shore and just off the reef lines. Way inside where the Mahi had been showing on bait schools has gone cold and the same holds true for out in the deeper water beyond the reefs and into the Gulfstream. Look close to the reefs and also watch for those Tuna schools working the minnows in similar depths. The better sized Blackfins are inside of 400 feet of water.


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