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Fishing in Ft. Lauderdale offering variety

Offshore fishing in Ft. Lauderdale has been yielding a good assortment of different species, but despite the appearance of a few more Sailfish, the overall catching has been erratic. A decent day followed by a difficult day.

Some Wahoo continue to be in the area and just off the reef line and out into 450 feet has held them. As expected the deep planer rods get the bites so we are fishing two deep lines every time we troll, regardless of the depth of the water.

Mahi-Mahi remain mostly just off the edge with the exception of the larger one in one of our photos, which was taken out in deep water. The few Mahi being taken are school but keeper size, and a few slightly larger gaffer sized fish. As always keep an eye out for the birds who almost always locate them first. Skipjack and Blackfins there also, but the numbers are down.

The current has finally started to flow slightly to the north after many days of south and some good sized Grey Tilefish out in 400 plus feet have jumped on the bottom lines. Again no big numbers but nice fat fish, fishable now with the lessening current. A handful of Sailfish showing today as the current swings north in the vicinity of 100 feet of water.

Beautiful weather here with partly cloudy skies and little to no rain. Cooler and more comfortable than it has been but another record high temp briefly yesterday. Looks as though we will be seeing some cooler weather this weekend with an actual front coming through on Friday. Good fishing conditions and even with the approaching front the sea conditions are forecast to remain managable.

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