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A few Kings, Wahoo and Sails

Fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale are producing some nice fish but again catching numbers of fish on some trips remains difficult. Erratic current has presented us with varying challenges to consistently put a bend in the rods. A couple of days have had the current begin flowing , then stop, then change direction only to slow and stop once more. We have managed some nice fish for our anglers when the current has shown a little consistency with Kings, Wahoo and Sailfish taking baits. The fluctuating current offshore has created pockets of green water in addition to the typical tidal and reefs edge situations we see so regularly.

Sailfish are always a possibility in January and the last several days there has been that possibility with only slight chances of probability. Mobility has been the key and finding those constantly changing edges with the fluctuating current has been helpful in getting the baits in front of fish as they use those edges as a highway many times as they move about. We have passed on kites and instead chosen to live bait with small Bonito and Bally Hoo and hunt those edges.

We have caught some Kings in closer to the beach than where we often target them. 50 to 70 feet has been better for us as opposed to working the outside reef in depths from 90 to 120 feet. Typical sized trolled fish taken on the planer rods fishing baits 40 to 60 feet down, and a couple of nice fat ones as pictured on the live small “Bullet Bonitio”.

Cooler to cold weather (for us) is right on our doorstep and closing fast. If the current will make up it’s mind the next few days could easily hold more action. Love to see some north current when the north wind rolls in with the front, the best combination, but any steady current without the frequent switches will be just fine.

Happy New Year and tight lines from all of us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin

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