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Finally the fish arrive on the fresh NE wind

Crystal clear skies and only a slight current. Clean green to powder blue water close to shore. And yes, something very out of the norm, the boat’s heaters inside the cabin and staterooms going full blast. Maybe not “wicked cold” by many of our northern friends jargon but certainly plenty cold on us on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale out on the water with a mid 40, an upper 40s and finally today a low 50s for a starting point the last three mornings. JJ actually wore jeans two days in a row ( I have pictures). I chose quite a bit more material for myself as did Captain Matt and TK.

With the front pressing through and the wind picking up the erratic fishing offshore has finally this afternoon come to life. The next several days should be good for Sailfish and Mahi-Mahi. Kings and Wahoo should also get into the picture. There will be quite a bit of wind out of the Northeast and there will be no calm seas anywhere off of SE Florida. We will (sorry) be pulling for stronger north current which will increase the sea conditions as a north current into a north wind on any water will chop it up. But a good north current into a N/NE breeze will get the fish up close if not on top on the reefs and also get them active and visible on the surface. And those are the days and fishing that both anglers and crew often fondly remember. We will be doing a lot of live baiting through out the remainder of this frontal system as we did today in water inside of 200 feet in depth, a little over a mile off the beach

Early to bed and early to rise. We are looking forward to the next several days. Buckle up and see you on the rip. Marlin my Darlin. 

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