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Fishing Charters in Ft. Lauderdale with Wahoo and Sailfish

Gone is that latest cold snap and a light jacket to break the wind and take a slight chill away when offshore will keep you warm. Walking around town shorts and a t shirt should work just fine for most anyone. That light jacket to take the edge off is a good idea as that wind is up a bit and there is a cloud cover often throughout the day with the high sitting here now as the front has faded away. While still a continuing challenge the fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale have resulted in some nice Wahoo and Sailfish. Some large Kings right out front have had us spending some time targeting them in water of less than 120 feet in depth. It is nice to have opportunities at good fish but numbers remain off here despite the latest front.

The current has picked up and is moving to the north at a reasonable speed and we always welcome that situation. Diminishing winds until Thursday will make for comfortable sea conditions with highs expected from 75 to 77. That present cloud cover is forecast to continue to hover above us.

Good numbers of bait fish are in the area and we have chosen once again to go with the small live Bonito when live baiting as they really draw bites from big fish and using them also gives us a reasonable amount of mobility, which seems to be very helpful when the fish are so scattered. We hold pilchards to pitch on spin to any Mahi that are drawn to the Small Bonito we use, which are a mouthful for a typically sized Mahi, but that seldom stops them from trying. Lots of pilchards in the live well right now as the Mahi unfortunately are very few. The ones we have managed are about a 5 # average. The Sails we have seem and also the bigger Kings have all come to directly to the small Bonitos. School sized Kings on the troll. Wahoo love the Bonito but trolling (covering area) is a good approach.

As always we have included pictures of some of our anglers here aboard the Marlin My Darlin with their fish. Tight lines and good fishing. JJ, Matt, Tommy and JJ

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