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Sailfish and Mahi on fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

As we enter mid week we will once again see the present winds that are out of the Northeast become Easterly in direction and then back off by Thursday as we see the arrival of the latest frontal system. This is a very weak system. The wind will remain very manageable and we expect to see more Sailfish and Mahi action on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. The chances of rain remain very low right up to Sunday morning when it is forecast @ 30 percent chance of a shower, which is still a pretty slim chance that we will be needing the rain gear. Good weather all around to get offshore and chase some fish.

The action has once again become erratic but there are good fish to be had. There is bait in the area and the baitfish are again back to biting well as the moon that slowed them down is in the rear view mirror now. There is a slight north current on the reefs and also this current continues in the deeper water as well. Reasonable colored water has been up on the reefs and out until an edge in 350 today where the water turned slightly bluer with that current continuing to flow to the very lightly north.

The Sails seem to prefer water just off the edge of the reefs and we have not seen them inside chasing Ballyhoo since our last report. Inside of 200 feet of water but short of the reefs is a good choice for not only the Sails but also the occasional Mahi and King. Some Blackfin Tuna around too and all these species are responding better to live baits although we did have a couple of cracks at Sails and Mahi-Mahi trolling dead baits out in that 200 foot depth on one charter. That was a fun afternoon as the entire charter was spent pulling various assorted teasers in various combinations and at various staggered distances behind the boat. And all those teasers belonged to our charter ( Nick) as teasers and lures are his business up to the Northeast in New England and this was the first look at them here ( a suitcase full) in our water conditions here in the South. Good fun and good conversation, and the fish came into the pattern several times. Nick sent us a photo we snapped of him with one of his Mahi-Mahi and then followed it up a second photo with a snow shovel in the exact same position as the Mahi had been the afternoon before, that 2nd photo taken in New Hampshire in his driveway the next morning. You’ll see those two photos along with a couple of more of our recent anglers published with this report.

See you on the edge. JJ, Matt, TKS and JJ aboard the Marlin my Darlin.

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