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Erratic fishing on charters in Fort Lauderdale

We are back to seeing erratic results on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. There have been some bright spots, but since our last report there have been some tough days in the mix for fishing offshore. We have included the pictures of Noel and Robin who fished with us this morning. Girls trip for these two celebrating a friendship spanning many years. Really nice Mahi-Mahi today ( 600 feet of water) and the ladies posing a second time with a pair of Skipjack Tunas that were caught in 750 feet. They also landed and released a shark.

We have caught Blackfin Tuna but these are a species that has backed way off the last three days after regularly being seen and caught in water ranging from 200 to 400 feet. We are of course pulling for them reappear and be available to us here as they are good fun and give a good pull on light tackle. Near slack current conditions have slowed the bite on them. Hopefully the northerly trickle of current we began to experience today will kick start them into moving around, it certainly shouldn’t be a negative circumstance if the current continues to move northward.

Golden Tilefish have been a bright spot and there are some good ones as represented by the decent sized fish in the photo, but again they can and have shut down on south current days.

Today we had very nice blue water on the reefs and out to 400 feet, and then beautiful Gulfstream colored water beyond there. A very slight current to the north had the Vermillion Snappers beginning to bite in spots in from 300 to 340 feet in depth. Those Golden Tilefish like that north current too and we would have certainly tried them again today with the slight north current if not for the choppy seas. Firm easterly winds had it a bit too bouncy for most anglers out in the 700 plus feet of water where we target them.

The weather forecast is calling for the wind to remain steady in the low teens and occasionally stronger in spots, so choppy seas will continue throughout the week. Swordfish are basically out of the picture due to the seas that far offshore. Too bad as they have been biting. The better news is the breeze will likely bring more Mahi-Mahi into our area and they should be near shore and fishable with this clean clear blue water pushing all the way inside onto the reefs. And of course plenty of wind for live baiting with the kites near shore or just outside the reefs in more reasonable sea conditions for Sailfish.

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