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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

As we finish up our 3rd week of March we are experiencing record heat during our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale with the temperature reaching 89 today. Certainly warm for late March and an early welcome for Spring. Hard to believe Spring is already upon us as our Winter here was very mild once again. It was a pleasant 89 though with a nice breeze taking the edge off. More of the same record breaking heat in the forecast for tomorrow as well and then we’ll get a front and some lower temperatures.

A couple of nice sails on spin along with some Mahi-Mahi using live Bally Hoo for bait. These fish again inside of 200 feet of water with that water being a deep clean blue being accompanied by some north bound current. Good conditions resulting in nice catches for our anglers, but catches continue to be erratic despite great fishing conditions most every day.

But we have had some good fish here aboard the Marlin my Darlin. Some good Jacks showing and that big Amberjack in the photo took a jumbo live Blue Runner off the top of a wreck in 220 feet of water. Jacks that size are a handful and they aren’t nicknamed “ Reef Donkeys” for any other reason in that they can really pull. Early in the season for a Jack that big in size to be on a wreck here.

Wahoo have been more available with 140 to 200 feet a good depth to search for them. Deep trolled baits with braided line on planers work and do well at almost all times in drawing the initial bite, especially on calm surface days. Big bang bites and head shakes while hooked are a pretty good clue that a Wahoo is the fish at the other end of the line. Always happy to see a Wahoo come aboard and they are certainly in the picture and a possibility on every charter.

A few Blackfin Tunas and Bonito here too along with an occasional Kingfish. Sharks are thick, and large, and if you would like a crack at one of them the wait is often short right now as they pass through in numbers.

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