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Fishing trips in Fort Lauderdale producing better catches

The erratic fishing that we have addressed here in our recent reports about fishing tips in Fort Lauderdale has as least for now faded as not only good quality fish but also some good numbers of fish have been available. Kingfishing has been very strong, as strong as it has been this year, and we have managed some Mahi-Mahi, but those fish continue to require a bit of hunting time and a little luck as these fish continue to frequent areas often further from shore as we move into the summer and it’s a big ocean once you venture off the edge.

Lots of those Kingfish on the reefs now within a mile of shore. It has been nice to drop the erratic part as these fish are here in good numbers and as we said, biting well, throughout the day. Several days ago they were right out front and some still are , but it seems the bulk of these Kings have moved about two to three miles to the south of our inlet. Still very close and available. Some Wahoo in the vicinity of the reef and offshore as well. Big Bonito in there too but the Blackfin Tuna often found just off the reef have backed off.

A tremendous amount of seaweed has been in on the reefs and then again offshore. Trying to steer clear of most of it inshore as the deep lines are a magnet and easily fouled by it has not been easy as this weed is everywhere on the reefs. Offshore we of course closely follow the weeds and in a perfect ocean that weed is tightly packed. Far from perfect right now as that weed is pleasantly abundant, but unpleasantly quite scattered. Broad area of steady current in excess of two knots has held few edges to gather and align weed. So we pick through it and pursue those Mahi-Mahi, which we have encountered in water from 750 to 850 feet in depth. With the Mahi being a bit more available now ( by no means are they thick) we have put a couple of big baits on the big rods into the spread when we swing offshore in hopes of a Blue Marlin, but despite beautiful clean clear blue water and that steady current there have been none. Please enjoy the photos of recent anglers here aboard the Marlin My Darlin and their fish.

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