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Good weather and good fishing

We continue to enjoy some very nice weather here in Fort Lauderdale. Lower 80s for the daily high temperature with a slight onshore breeze has kept sea conditions favorable. Northerly current and clean water continuing to push up on the reefs has contributed to some good catches on our deep sea fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale.

Kingfish have continued to be in our area and up tight to the reef line remains the best place to find them. In recent years they often are seen in water approaching 200 feet of water here on some days, but they are tucked in tight now in water from 70 to 100 feet of depth being a good area to find them and get the bites. As the water warms and we get into some hotter stretches in July and August we will be expecting them in that deeper water. Amazing amounts of seaweed being carried north with the current has made it difficult to have all the baits ( we fish 7 lines) clear of weeds at all times unless one can find a clear area as we did yesterday by fishing north of our inlet after leaving the reef south

Outside off the reefs and those Kings we have been seeing the Blackfin Tuna and there continue to be Wahoo in those deeper areas as well. The Blackfin continue to choose with few exceptions not to betray their presence by feeding on the surface on many days, but instead whrn they are not visible on the surface nor on the fathometers we rely on targeting likely looking areas such as edges and structure. They have regularly been continuing to be more prone to feeding actively at the surface later in the day. Mostly what we call “footballs” but as in previous reports there have been some fat ones. Off the edge of the reef where we see the Tuna and Wahoo has been prone to large amounts of scattered weeds as on the reefs. Huge amounts of weed continue to pass by well offshore of there as well, but the Mahi-Mahi remain very scattered despite all that weed.

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