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Deep Sea fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

Warm weather and sunny skies. Good strong northerly current and clean water is up on top of the reefs in many areas. Very little wind making for a comfortable sea. Good conditions for sure and the catches on our Deep Sea fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale have been strong. Mahi-Mahi, Kings, Tunas and Bonito have been right out front of our inlet. As always we have included some recent pictures of those species and some of our anglers here aboard the Marlin My Darln.

The Mahi-Mahi continue to prefer water out over 100 fathoms with an area between 720 and 760 holding fish today. Very strong north current there and less that 10 percent of the ridiculous amount of weeds that have been passing by offshore, but many more Mahi in that area. Some Skipjack Tuna out there as well. In addition to our regular sized baits we put out the big baits (2) in hopes of getting a crack at a Blue but that did not happen. If these small to medium sized Mahi-Mahi and those Skipjack Tuna remain out front on edges such as the ones today someone should have an opportunity, hopefully that someone will be us.

Blackfin Tuna off the edge of the reefs in water from 150 to 300, and we also did get bites from them out in 600/650 feet. These fish continue to not show their location by busting bait on on the surface as there remains little bait off the edge of the reefs, but there are more since our previous report. Some Sailfish in roughly 180 feet of water when that water has been clear.

Kings and plenty of Bonito on most days up on the reefs and just off the edge out into 150 feet of water. Actually good numbers of Flying Fish along the reefs today. Some of the King are of good size and the weeds on the reef have thinned out similar to offshore so it is a bit easier for the mates to keep the baits clear. Their minds clear too as the weed has certainly been thick enough to drive almost anyone nuts.

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