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Deep Sea Fishing in Ft. Lauderdale wet but good

Plenty of rain for us as the weatherman got it right yesterday, actually catching us a bit off guard as the forecast for the day before called for a drenching and we never got a drop. Better weather today but the Deep Sea fishing in Ft. Lauderdale has remained good despite good or poor weather.

The reefs remain a good area to target as there are active Kings and Bonito to be caught. Slow trolling dead and artificial baits and making exaggerated big turns, which will allow the baits to sink slightly lower, has been productive as although we have been getting lots of bites in there on the reefs the fish seem somewhat reluctant and many of those bites are soft and “short ( behind the hooks). Bites in a turn are often harder to get a solid hook up but those turns have gotten more aggressive bites.

Blackfin Tuna still biting and some are of good size. Bonito continue to be mixed in with other species both on and just offshore of the main reefs one mile off the beach. More Mahi-mahi now closer to shore as the southest wind has pushed them in close and they are often inside of 400 feet of water (less than two miles off the beach) and they have been active on schools of Flying Fish in those depths.

Some sailfish continue to be in the area and we are seeing an occasional one in our spread of baits as we troll. Live baiting as usual will draw more strikes but be prepared to sit and wait as there aren’t that many here as the peak season for them was late fall and this past winter. But we do see them all year here and if a Sail is at the top of your list we are more than happy to pop up the kites, run out some live baits, and sit back and wait. Just be aware that trolling for other species as the main objective will typically result in far more action. As always we have included some photos of recent anglers who have fished with Matt, Tommy K, JJ and myself here aboard the Marlin My Darlin.

A nice break I the weather today as I mentioned earlier and Matt and JJ are out there now after canceling yesterdays charter as a result of all the rain. It actually cleared up a bit later yesterday morning yesterday with the boats that went out catching some nice Mahi-Mahi. Rain expected to return later this week so get out your ponchos and get out there. Fishing is good / the fish don’t care, they’re already wet.

See you on the rip.

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