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Fishing trips in Fort Lauderdale

Bright sunny days and temperatures into the 90s now as we enter into June. Still a chance for some
showers every day but it has been mostly very clear as mentioned and warm, very warm. Pleasant sea
conditions as the wind is way down. Fishing trips in Fort Lauderdale have produced some nice catches,
but there have been some days presenting some difficulties and we again feel that the discharge of fresh
water out of the inlets, all inlets here in south Florida, has been a variable we could do without. But we
have had some good catches and as always we have included multiple pictures of recent anglers here
aboard the Marlin My Darlin.
What we have been doing is to regularly try to put some distance from the highest concentration of
all that fresh water flowing out of the inlet on falling tides. Incoming tides have proven easier to fish
closer to the inlet. Fishing in the immediate area of the inlet can often be a good choice as those tides
when not loaded down with fresh water hold bait. Deep fished lines, light leaders and cutting the speed to
a crawl can draw bites. Dead slow often translates into more missed strikes, but the first consideration is
always finding what will draw the bites best, then take it from there.
Kings are on and off. Very possible to have a good day when they are on. Bonito getting in on the
action as summer is here and we expect to be blitzed by them as we get deeper into the summer as big
bunches will be moving through.
Blackfin Tuna off the edge when we can shake the discolored water. The biggest ones prefer to be
just off the reef on most days with the footballs being happy there as well but also often slightly deeper
for them. The weed continues to keep the mates busy on most days and we have had some Mahi-Mahi
and Skipjack Tuna but no big numbers there. Thankfully keeper sized fish. Occasional crack at a Wahoo
or Sail. Some Amberjacks on the deep reefs.
So it is forecast to remain warm with pleasant seas. Thankfully our famous humidity is slightly
down, but the A/C units are still running on high. The rain has backed off and as a result of that the
discharge of fresh water into the ocean should soon slow dramatically. See you on the rip.

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