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Continued good weather and good action on Deep Sea fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

      It’s a bit on the warm side during the morning trips but a nice South/ Southeast breeze has been popping up and cooling it down nicely by early afternoon. And the good action returned this morning and continued this afternoon offshore on our Deep Sea fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale.  Please enjoy the latest photos of our recent anglers here aboard the Marlin my Darlin.


        Very strong Kingfish bite today which started the first thing this morning right out front of our inlet less than a mile off the beach and continued throughout the day steadily moving closer to shore . An ever increasing north current throughout the day had the majority of them in water depths of about 80 to 85 feet this morning and then as the current continued to grow stronger we had good action from the Kings in 60 feet of water. Slightly discolored water, which is often the best to draw Kingfish bites became clear blue as we moved later in the afternoon, but the Kings continued to bite well. Bonito were holding deeper in water from 90 to 170 feet. It was nice to have some separation between the two species as they are most often in the same depth on a given day.


          Some Tuna continue to available and some are nice fat ones. We have had a couple right at 20 pounds. Always the same great fight and made even better in these strong current conditions. Some football sized ones and they have been deeper than the bigger fish. With all the current there were hopes of a good Mahi-Mahi bite but that bite is only a pick at best, but we expect to see better numbers of them tomorrow in the cleaner water, especially if this current continues to roar to the north.


           Had a single Sail try us today and that was in 50 feet of water. Saw two others free jumping in 45 feet of water but couldn’t get a shot at them as they were jumping erratically and repeatedly in all directions except ours. If they would only follow a straight line. A reasonably straight line works too. They are tucked up inside like the Kings, trying to escape some of that current. 

Looking forward to tomorrow and we’ll see you on the rip. JJ, Matt, JJ and Tommy K on the Marlin My Darlin

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