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Good near shore reef fishing in Fort Lauderdale

This report for fishing in Fort Lauderdale will closely mirror our last post, but there are (as always in fishing) a few differences over the last several days. Very little rain and lots of sun. Sunscreen and a hat for sure. We find ourselves replenishing the bottled waters regularly. Really the temp is around 91 every day, less than many parts of the country, but the “feels like” can get up there so we keep the A/C units cranking if an angler wants to duck inside for a minute. Locals, we live here, used to it right? Somewhat for sure, but not we all cherish those days offering cool onshore Gulfstream breezes.


The current is really running strongly now to the north for several days. Fishing has remained pretty good with some very good catches along those near shore reefs right about a mile off the beach. Trolling in and out across those reefs as we have mentioned previously has been productive.


The strong current has limited the bottom fishing and we find ourselves doing a bit less of that since our last reports as presenting baits at or near the bottom properly in heavy current can be iffy. We have caught snappers and various Jacks on live baits using very light line to minimize current drag, but less current right now would certainly be nice.


Kingfish remain in our area and they as many of you know prefer the immediate surrounding areas around those reefs and shallow water wrecks. The summer Bonito continue to bite in similar depths. Some Sailfish for us right in there on those reefs and the bites are aggressive and summer Sails fight quite hard, especially hard with the strong current situation. Some Blackfin Tuna and Mahi-Mahi but that has proven erratic.


Looking forward to Wahoo fishing as the waxing moon now will be full on the 26th and a new moon on Sept 9th. As of now Swordfishing is slow with very few fish caught offshore. So expect a slim margin for success there but a couple (2) truly large ones taken. The typical sized fish one would see on those grounds seems to have left the building for now. We’ll see what the next few weeks have in store for us there.


So sticking closer to shore and taking advantage of the trolling bite and also the structure and wreck fishing available there remains a good choice. Especially if you have kids as they do have two hats. One when they are busy and one when they are bored. We try to keep them involved and busy. Good fishing along those reefs. Enjoy the photos of recent anglers with fish taken along those reefs here aboard the Marlin My Darlin.


Tight lines and good fishing.

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