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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale early September

September is now underway and it is very obvious that there are fewer boats out on the ocean and we can actually navigate the waterway to and from our fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale without the “zigs and zags” as we call it here due to the big swing in the number of boats that are out on the water. This is a big town, gets busy, so we’ll enjoy the pleasant ride to and from the ocean for the next couple of months. Nice to go in a straight line for a few yards, the roads? Not so much. Reasonable weather with of course the scattered showers but not too hot and an onshore breeze helping to really take the edge off. Often very still here late August and September mornings so the breeze is welcome for sure.


      As usual we have included some photos of recent anglers that have joined us here aboard the Marlin my Darlin for for a fishing trip ( or two) while in Ft. Lauderdale with their fish representing the species we are encountering along those reefs.


      We continue to focus on the near shore reef lines. With the passing of Tropical Storm Gordon, despite being centered a couple of hundred miles below us, we did get some very poor weather that caused us to cancel our charters on Monday, but Gordon has thankfully gone and we are fishing.


       The fish on the reefs are holding deep due to the fresh rainwater runoff from that storm and a slow troll with the deep lines in and out across the reefs has been best. Slow as in slowwwww. Big turns, get the bait down there, draw the bites.


        Kings and Bonito, some Tuna, and an occasional Mahi-Mahi. A couple of Sailfish continue to be along the reefs as well. Wahoo are a possibility but they have managed to get the best of us despite having a few opportunities from them. Fading moon now and then building to a big moon on the 24th.

Some Snappers and Jacks on structure with the passing of that tropical storm.


        Tight lines.

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