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Fine weather and fine catches on fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

Our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale have been producing good catches for our anglers and guests here aboard the Marlin my Darlin. Staying close to those reef lines and near shore wrecks as we have been recently targeting continues to result in as we have said good action, and also some very nice fish. Sailfish continue to be a possibility on charters. Nice sized Wahoo have been at the reef lines edges and just offshore of that area. This is not at all unusual for this time of year and we find ourselves at times adding a few extra RPM to slightly raise the speed of our trolling with visions of a nice Hoo unable to resist the temptation of those slightly faster moving baits. Decent sized Blackfins are just off those reef edges and they too often loose caution at the sight of a quickly moving bait. Good Blackfin Tuna bites on both morning and afternoon fishing trips here in Ft. Lauderdale. Captain Matt seems to be on the so called “coconut telegraph” with the Tunas and has put our anglers on good fat ones.


     Strong Kingfishing continues on the reefs with nice fish and good catches a regularity. The fall season Wahoo and Sailfish have no problem moving up on top of and even inshore of those reefs and mixing in with the Kings. Stray Tuna in there too but most often prefer the water just slightly deeper. Different story line on the Bonito as the reefs are their backyard and they were often stacked up in there. Now as we get into the fall their numbers as expected have backed off, but we will see them throughout the year and mostly on the reefs or possibly just off if they encounter baitfish there.


       As always we have included some pictures of recent anglers we have had the pleasure of having aboard and offshore with us here aboard the Marlin my Darlin and their fish representative of many of the various species available as we head into October.


       Mentioned our weather briefly at the  beginning of this report. Sunny with some clouds and only an occasional passing shower. The sea breeze we rely on to take the edge off has continued to be up slightly and welcome. We will again fall just short of 90 today. Sunscreen and a hat, see you on the edge, and good fishing to all. JJ, Matt, Tommy, JJ and Cameron

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