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Deep Sea fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale

 Our latest round of angler photos included with this report in themselves tell the story of what has been biting regularly on our Deep Sea fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale. The best action continues to take place in water less than 250 feet deep, which is merely a mile and a half off the inlet here. Snappers and a few Grouper on structure in that deeper water and Blackfin Tuna in similar depths close to if not on the surface chasing bait, and more bait in our area every day now.


      We continue to chose to troll on most days as the primary choice to locate and catch fish for our anglers. As we stated in our last report the calendar says Fall is here, but in so to speak “real time” summer trends have not changed on how the fish are looking at things. The outer edges of the main reef line in 100 to 120 feet continue to be productive. We like a little sparkle in our offerings and sea witch and similar style lures with some mylar added into the nylon or similar lure material seems to often provide the opportunities for more bites when fished alone and also when coupled with a natural bait. Our natural bait of choice this time of year is Bonito strips cut is various lengths of 3 to 8 inches depending on the target species, with that mid range of about 6 inches the most common size we fish. All the various strip baits we fish here aboard the Marlin My Darlin are cut by crew and a well shaped and attractive strip can tempt any fish we encounter. A skilled mate that takes pride in his thinning and shaping of the various strips we use is directly related to the number of bites we get, which means not only more numbers, but also the ability to entice an older smarter larger fish who has been around and likely seen a bit more than his smaller brother into taking a bait.


        Continued great weather here on our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters. Few clouds and very little rain, again in quick and smaller showers when we see them. A bit of a stronger breeze now cutting down on the “feels like” that can be heavy here this time of year. Mid day temps stopping short of 90 now nights are certainly a bit cooler (less hot? LOL). Actually pleasantly cooler if only a few degrees.


         Be safe, have fun and if you are going to be fishing with us please call well in advance if you can to reserve and ensure availability aboard the Marlin My Darlin on your first choice of days. JJ, Matt, Tommy K, JJ and Cameron.  See you on the rip.

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