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Various species offshore on Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters

  We are seeing a pretty good mix of species of fish offshore on our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters.  We are getting a number of calls from anglers concerned by the presence of red tide organisms here in southeast Florida. Fortunately this circumstance is not affecting our catches as we are fishing areas well offshore of the affected areas, and our catches remain good. The areas  compromised are very near the shore, probably as a result of the persistent presence of a good onshore breeze pressing the organisms up to the shore area. The appearance of the red tide organism here off of southeast Florida is thankfully very unusual. We have a lot more current here than on the Gulf side of Florida and many “experts” feel that this is one of the major reasons why we can typically enjoy clean water when the Gulf, beautiful as it is, has serious and persisting problems.  The presence of the red tide here in our area has been categorized as “moderate” by the FWC, the agency in charge of monitoring the Florida coast. Here’s to more wind, more current and a diminishing presence of the unwanted visitor.


       The onshore breeze we mentioned has brought more Mahi-Mahi ( aka Dorado) into our fishing areas and some are pushed up almost to the reef line in addition to being scattered deeper. These fish are on the move and aggressive. Trolled baits get their attention and we have seen them in the kite spread and the live baits fished there.


        Kings continue to be available many days and as usual most of that activity takes place in water less than 200 feet deep. The Bonito continue to be here and are in those same depths. A slight uptick in the Sailfish activity but single fish when you g et a chance at them.


         So we are relieved that the tainted water, as unpleasant as it is,  remains up near the beaches and our deep sea fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale are not being adversely affected. Please enjoy the photos of anglers and their catches who have joined us here on charters aboard the Marln My Darlin.


         Mostly sunny skies with few showers and slightly cooler days. See you offshore on the rip. Captains JJ, Matt and Tommy K and deck tech crewmen JJ and Cameron. 

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