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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale are continuing to offer good catches and many of those fish have been taken in the waters close to shore ( within 2miles) and in depths from 80 to 400 feet. This has been a regular and hopefully continuing ci


      We dodged another bullet as Hurricane Michael passed by us approximately 300 miles to our west and over open water on the way to making landfall on Florida’s gulf side in the “Panhandle” area of that coast. We remained essentially clear, almost as in another world, with only an occasional bit of rain and not too much wind as the Category 4 storm moved through the Gulf bringing all that water and destructive wind so near but yet so far away from us here.


       So here we are essentially unscathed again in this busy Hurricane season and enjoying some pretty good fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale.


       The lead photo ( Natalie, Justin and their two sons) on this report shows some of the better sized Mahi-Mahi available near shore this week. Trolling remains a good choice to locate and score with these fish which are moving quickly through the area. Keeping an eye out for working birds by all crew men and anglers will help in locating these fish. Being very much on the move these Mahi will frequently spook up Flying Fish and also encounter other types of bait fish that get in their way, and the birds, especially the Frigate Man O War Blackbirds are great locators of these fish as they will follow closely and allow you pinpoint the Mahi-Mahi even though the Mahi are as almost always moving and often not showing themselves to us. But the birds will hold the key to allow you to get on the proverbial “X” in a big ocean and help put fish in the box.


        Kingfish remain available along the reef and some Blackfin Tuna, continue to prefer waters just beyond the reefs edges. That Mutton Snapper in another photo we posted here weighed in at 16 pounds  Kings, Tunas and assorted species are all pictured in this report with anglers who have joined us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin. Sailfish and Wahoo have slowed this week but with continued good weather we will be hoping to see more bites from them.


         So as we all head offshore today to fish under sunny skies and look inshore at the totally intact shore lines of Broward and Dade counties with all the towns both large and small, and admire the fragile and pristine natural beauty of Key Biscayne just below us lets all be thankful that once again Mother Nature spared us from her fury and this destructive and brutal storm. Tight lines and good fishing to all.

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