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Fort Lauderdale fishing charter report

We continue to see weather more closely related to the summer months as opposed to early Autumn with temperatures remaining a bit on the warmer side here in South Florida. A nice onshore breeze is taking the edge off and we have had little rain. The action offshore has remained pretty steady and productive and here’s the rundown on what is biting and the photos we always try to include of recent anglers and fish caught on their Fort Lauderdale fishing charter.


           Fishing close to the reefs edges continues to be fun and productive. As we have mentioned in previous reports there are bait fish moving through our fishing areas now and the majority of these schooling fish prefer areas near to shore and on or close to the reef lines. We are catching Kings, Tuna, Bonito, scattered Mahi-Mahi and also seeing some Sailfish, despite it being far from peak season for the Sails. We also have included a shark photo of what we “think” is a Bronze Whaler taken just outside of the reef line. At this over 40 years but guessing on this one. Very pointed snout with very large pectoral fins and a short dorsal fin seems to fit the Bronze Whaler identity. That is three of this species in the last two months, a species we had never seen here previously. A nice looking powerful shark with a dangerous look and shape. Catch and release for the Sailfish and Sharks. We keep the majority of the Bonito for bait. That bait being shaped into strip baits for trolling presentations, as a cut bait on the bottom for Tilefish and Snappers, or to be fished  as a large oily bloody baits to tempt sharks ( such as that Bronze Whaler) when an angler has the urge. Our 1st mates are happy to fillet and package your edible catches. Many of our anglers have some of their fish cooked two blocks over @  waterfront restaurant Coconuts. Sit on the deck and enjoy a fish lunch or dinner of your catch. You know it’s fresh, and they do it well.


          Half, ¾ and full day charters available aboard the Marlin My Darlin. JJ, Matt, Tommy, JJ and Cameron. No real changes in the weather forecast on the immediate horizon. We’re ready to see some cooler days here just as a good number of folks to the north are probably wishing for a few extra degrees what with the decidedly cooler temps there recently.  Enjoy your day wherever you are.

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