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Fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale update

A quick update on what has been happening if you are contemplating a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale. Our second “cool” snap of the fall has come across the state and we are experiencing temperatures several degrees below our norm with the lows in the lower 70s and the highs in the lower 80s now as we fish our way into the week.. Actually tumbled all the way to 61 on the first night. A pleasant change as mid 80s was common just prior to coming into the front. A bit of a breeze with the passing of the front as expected.


         The nice Wahoo pictured was taken in clean blue water 250 feet in depth. That fish took a deeply fished planer rod with the braided line to minimum stretch and gave a good pull. She fooled us in that she behaved more like a Tuna, of which there have been decent numbers, until we got a good look at her near the boat. No mistaking the stripes and head shakes then and the fish behaved nicely giving a good clean angle for the gaff shot. Many a Wahoo has been lost close to the gaff and the stories abound, so it’s always nice to have that happy ending.


         Some gaffer sized Mahi-Mahi were showing up just outside the reef line two days prior to the front and the easterly wind has kept those fish on the radar. Good news there as the day prior to that was a struggle with poor fishing.


         The football sized Blackfin Tunas continue to pop up on Flying Fish in water outside the reefs in depths of 140 to 300 feet. Kingfish are inside of those depths and some medium to large Bonito ( False Albacore) have been in that shallower water too.

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