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Fort Lauderdale fishing charter report

The weather continues to be stellar and anglers joining us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin boats for a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter have been experiencing pleasant sea conditions, a lot of sun on most days, and no rain showers. And we have been catching fish regularly and in decent numbers.

Really nice current conditions on and near the reef lines have been yielding nice sized Kingfish in addition to some Wahoo and an occasional Sailfish. The weed has returned somewhat along the reefs so finding a reasonably clear spot to fish will certainly put one on the good side of the mate or crewman in charge of keeping the lines clear. The Sailfish have for the most part been tucked right in on those reefs but we are still waiting for some bigger numbers.

Blackfin Tuna continue to prefer water in 250 to 400 feet and the water there right now is a beautiful deep blue color and that water is also holding some very nice sized Skipjack Tuna. The Blackfins and Skipjacks are feeding on Flying Fish there and I would assume remain available in those depths as long as the Flying Fish remain on the current edges that are holding some weed and well defined. The Wahoo, while some have been inside along the reefs, have preferred to be off the reefs edge and in the current along the north to south current and weed edges with the Blackfin and Skipjack Tunas. Some Mahi-Mahi biting and hitting the ice in those depths.

Some sharks around as well if you wish and most all of them are preferring to be on or very near the bottom instead of the surface whether it be 100 feet or 400 feet or any depth between. And that’s OK because if you light tackle the Blackfin and Skipjack Tunas as we have been the fights are longer and a shark near the surface and in the vicinity seldom passes on an opportunity.

So both good weather and good fishing right now on most any day.. See you on the rip.

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