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Postcard perfect weather and the fishing is good

The last two days weather has been really about as good as it could possibly be. Very slight winds and clear blue skies. Daytime temperatures in the 70s. We are just about booked out for the remainder of the year and all crew members are looking forward to joining our anglers on their Fort Lauderdale fishing charter as the fishing remains decent and there are some good fish to be caught. We have posted as you will see another round of photos of recent anglers, and here’s the fishing report.

The latest front was a doozy with wind gusting often into the 40 MPH range and we of course canceled our charters when that wind was off the ocean and coming hard out of the south. As the winds swung to a more westerly direction we were ready to go and were greeted by those clear blue skies and a pleasant ocean and a welcome taste of the cooler weather.

Some Sailfish have moved into the area and we have encountered them on most charters. That lead photo is of a really large caught, photographed, and relesased on an afternoon charter. These fish are preferring water less then 200 feet in depth and often much shallower as they make their way through the area, heading to the south. This is expected behavior.

Mahi-Mahi coming through as well and they too for the most part are in the same depths as the majority of the Sails, that being inside of 200 feet. Kingfish along the edges of the reef line.

The pleasant weather and the fishing that is available is a good mix for kids as they require action as they hope and wait for Moby Dick to take a bait. The good news there is almost all are Moby Dick caliber whether large or small to the young set. Schools out, get those kids out fishing and bend a rod.

Happy Holidays and good fishing to all from Marlin My Darlin, and we’ll see you offshore.

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