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Wahoo, Kings and Mahi on fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

As we close out the year we are catching a mixed bag of species on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. A good onshore breeze has created a choppy ocean but also opportunities at decent sized Wahoo and Mahi-Mahi right up close to the reef line just over a mike offshore. Kingfish on the outer edges of those reefs and even closer reefs continue to find their way into the fish box in reasonable numbers. Trollong back and forth across the edge has produced some Blackfin Tuna and Bonito which are good fun and provide a strong fight on light tackle. The variety of species that continues offshore allows us some options in areas to fish and presentation flexibility when a target species gets lockjaw, which the Kings have been doing off and on throughout the day. The moon has them up and down, but the breeze has the Mahi going.


           Wahoo have been a welcome catch and as the bait gets pushed up close on the edge they are not far behind. Deeply fished braided lines as almost always draw the most bites and a good Wahoo gets everybody’s attention regardless of the number of years one has spent enjoying  offshore fishing. A little known fact is that Wahoo ( being opportunistic feeders ) not only love the Tuna and Bonito we often find in their stomachs, but also snappers. Vermillion snappers and Yellowtail snappers are part of the unfortunate ones often when we examine the contents of a Wahoo’s stomach at the cleaning table. And we examine every one. Blue Runners and Needle fish in there too often for sure,but many would be surprised by the snappers, almost always in two cleanly bit separate pieces. Cleanly bit as if chopped forcefully by a meat cleaver.


            Grouper season for most species will close on the 31st. Better news for sure is the Golden Tilefish season opens the 1st of January, and we look forward to bringing them up from the bottom out in 700 to 800 feet. They didn’t earn the nickname “poor man’s lobster” because of average edibility,so don’t fret the Grouper closure too badly.


             Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from all of us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin boats.

The water has calmed, the weather forecast is very good, and we’ll see you offshore.

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