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Expect some wind but sunny skies on your Fort Lauderdale fishing charter.

We continue to see a pretty good breeze from the east southeast now for several days. A drop in the wind was accompanied by a good bit of sun this afternoon. There is a front coming through Saturday and that wind will swing around and bring us some cooler days. It has been unseasonably warm now for several days, almost summer like temperatures and some of the famous Florida humidity of our deep summertime days was here this first week of January. So we’ll say goodbye to that, and hopefully also say goodbye to the erratic fishing with the new forecast. We have caught some really nice fish, and at other times we have struggled.

As you can see by the photos we have posted here and elsewhere we have had Sailfish, really good sized Blackfin Tuna, Kings, Mahi, etc. Those are good days obviously. On some charters we have really scratched to pull out a few fish for our anglers, and thankfully we did. Thankful again that those situations were fewer that the good catch days.

Good strong north current has had the fish pressed in close to the outside reef and almost all action has been taking place inside of the 200 foot mark. The larger Tuna have been in 150 to 200, smaller ones scattered deeper. Around 120 to 160 seems best for shots at Sailfish as they power through against the strong current. Mahi-Mahi in small bunches pushing through as well. As the current slows don’t be surprised to see the sweet spot move a bit deeper, but then (as always), that move is up to the fish.

The weather forecast is strong with very little chances of rain and some very manageable and easily fishable north wind coming into town, and that is a good Wintertime wind for offshore fishing in Southeast Florida.

Tight lines and good fishing. See you offshore

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