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Postcard perfect weather to start the week

Absolutely a stunning morning today in Fort Lauderdale with hardly a breath of wind and we started the day @ 59 degrees. Cloudless blue skies and a flat calm ocean with a slight north current in waters from 90 to 400 feet in depth which is where the best action has been taking place.


          As you can see by the photographs there continue to be some very nice fish available to us in those near shore waters. The large Sailfish caught and released immediately after this photo was taken took a live bait (Goggle Eye) fished out of a kite in exactly 400 feet of water by Scott, a local Paramedic fishing with us aboard the 46 foot Marlin My Darlin on a half day charter with myself and Nate as crewmen. The really nice Wahoo aslo pictured was taken on a trolled bait mid morning on a charter aboard our 53 foot Marlin My Darlin with Captain Kopper and 1st Mate JJ in also 400 feet of water. That fish took a Bonito natural strip bait fished in conjunction with a Stan Ruer custom lure head. So some really good fish are available, but frankly the fishing has been on the tougher side.


         We continue to pick away at the Kings of the size of the ones with this report caught by our anglers on recent charters, but the Kings can be erratic. Here today then gone tomorrow is a saying that seems to fit . Captain Matt got on them well one day to the south of our inlet, other days have been a slow pick. Those fish at the edge of the reef line as expected. Some Tuna and Mahi-Mahi have hit the ice and those fish as well in 300 to 400 feet of water. The Hammerhead pictured took a live “Bullett Bonito” fished out of an outrigger surface line on 30 pound line. Quick photo and then a healthy release for our angler.


          With the ups and downs of the Pelagics we have been spending a good bit of time hammering away at our bottom spots. This has been good action offering fishing with numerous bites and landings of Vermillion, Yellow Eye and smaller Mutton Snappers in addition to Margates and Almoco Jacks. All of these being very good table fare and being a recent part of most charters with myself, and Captains Matt, Tommy and Nate sharing information and locations holding hungry fish. Some nice bags of fillets heading over to Coconuts and the Southport restaurants at the end of the day for our charter’s lunches and dinners.


           Enjoy this weather, I’m sure you will, and good fishing to all of you from all of us here ( JJ, Matt, Tommy, Nate, JJ, Cameron and Allen) aboard the Marlin My Darlin boats. fort lauderdale fishingfishing fort lauderdaleshark fishing fort lauderdaleft lauderdale fishingfishing trips fort lauderdale

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