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Big fish but fewer fish offshore

Well the good news is those bigger fish we are seeing on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. The not so wonderful part is that there are fewer fish biting and there are tough days out on the water. Beautiful weather, beer is cold, and it’s better than a day at the office for sure, but there have been those tough days trying to entice the fish to join in.


            South current and crystal clear water on the reefs and the pesky seaweed has been giving us a break. Trolling has produced some Blackfin Tuna,False Albacore ( Bonito/ Little Tunny) and small to moderate Kings.


            As you can see in our included angler photos there have been some really nice fish. Certainly a few respectable Mahi-Mahi and big Kings. We have been focusing strongly on live baiting small “Bullett Bonito” along the edges of the reef and all the way inside as skinny as 60 feet and have caught really good sized Kings on them. Fewer bites as we mentioned, but really nice fish when they come.


             So we promise your beer will be cold and you will be comfortable if you fish here with us aboard the Marlin My Darlin. If you are taking your own boat out this weekend two things: Be sure your beer is cold, and secondly be prepared for some challenging fishing. We will be on that with you and we’ll also be all over those live Bullett Bonito until the catching part gets back aboard with the fishing part, and we could very possibly stick close to that game plan even when the catching part improves.    


            Tight lines, see you on the rip.

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