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Cooler weather on the way and our fingers are crossed

Much cooler weather, although forecast to be brief, is coming in and our fingers are definitely crossed for sure. Not because of little white lies like when we were kids and crossing your fingers sort of made it better. We are crossing ours because hopefully this front will kick start some decent fishing as it has been oh so tough offshore for some time now. A good catch here and there but not too much in the way of hungry fish. Some really nice fish continue to be available such as fat Kings and Sails, actually our last two fish were beautiful full grown Sailfish. Almost forgot…. a very long time between those two big bites. So fishing is slow, hope you also heard that somewhere else as well. Simple fact.


          But there finally goes that big red moon and the latest frontal system came in this afternoon and we are optimistic about tomorrow and the next few days because a frontal system and the resulting northerly winds on a late January day have been a combination of elements resulting in many fond memories of good catches in Sailfish Alley and along the adjacent reef line.


           So we’ll see you on the rip every day for the next few days and we’ll be geared up and ready for a change in this tough pattern and hoping for more fish to be entering our area and on the move with this front and also that they are ready for the baits we will be putting out there. Success is when preparation meets opportunity, and we are prepared, here’s hoping foe more opportunities.


            We have had great people aboard and managed to find them some larger fish and filled some holes in the action with some smaller ones, but we would like to see a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale with a rack full of fish and a few more Sailfish release flags flying from the rigger at the end of a days fishing. So as we mentioned before, see you on the rip. Tight lines.

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