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Fort Lauderdale fishing charter report

 We are now a third of the way through February and the high temperature today was a cool single digit below 80 degrees. 79 degrees in February, but there is a breeze to take the edge off. LOL.


         So we are certainly warm here and once again dry after some showers yesterday. And that breeze taking the edge off the warm days is actually a bit above what we would prefer. Certainly very fishable and we have been fishing regularly. Choppy water is often quite good for fishing here, but the fishing remains a bit off on some days.


         So once again in this Fort Lauderdale fishing report we are very similar to almost repetitious in saying that there are some nice fish available, but they remain very scattered and there are difficult days  similarly mentioned in our last update.


         There have been a few Wahoo tucked up tight inside to the edge of the outer reef line. Bonito strip baits fished at speed on deep lines are the best approach lately as the small Bonito we like to fish alive on light wire leaders have been difficult to get to bite. Decent Mahi-Mahi taken on both live baits (mostly kite fishing) but also taken by trolling. A lot of Flying fish moved in this morning and that is certainly not a bad situation in any fishermans mind,  So we thankfully welcome them into our area and will be expecting some more action from at least the Mahi-Mahi and Tuna, as they both love the flyers. We say “expecting” as all good fishermen are optimistic and we are ready to bend a few more rods in the coming days, and those deep lines will be out there for Mr. Wahoo on most cherters here aboard Marlin My Darlin.


       We have as always have included in this post some photos of anglers who have joined us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin.  See you on the rip

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