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Good weather has returned and fishing is improving

Thankfully gone is the rain that just wouldn’t end on Wednesday. Of course “we needed it” was true for most everything else here in south Florida with the notable exception of how it would affect a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale. A little rain doesn’t stop us but ridiculous rain does and we canceled trips on both of our boats as Mother Nature really turned it loose. So the bright side: “we needed it”, and the not so wonderful side we and our anglers lost out on spending the day on the ocean fishing, and I’ll now get to mow the lawn an extra time this next week as it seems to have jumped up an inch already. But some really fine weather has arrived, is expected to stay with us, and we are again enjoying the opportunity to get out there. Here is what is happening offshore.


       We are finally seeing an upswing in the activity offshore. This latest front that dumped all that rain on us has now moved through and the resulting northeast wind with its passing has put some Mahi-Mahi in our area and there are some nice sized fish in the mix. 200 to 400 feet has held fish and the Flying fish are prevalent in these areas. Also some Blackfin Tuna showing again and they are in these same depths jumping the flyers with the Mahi.


       Some decent Kingfish are showing up to to south of our inlet and are in roughly 90 feet. Large Jack Crevalle also in that same area busting on schools of Ballyhoo. Some Sailfish showing as well with this front, hopefully more today. As always we have included some photos of anglers who have joined us here @ Marlin My Darlin.


        So the fishing is improving and here’s our vote that it continues ti get better. There is certainly still some room for improved catches offshore, but it’s looking much better. See you on the rip.

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