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Tunas, Tiles, Sails and Kings offshore

A special thanks to our brave anglers who have joined us on a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale in the midst of this wickedly warm weather. LOL. We know it can’t get too warm for many of our northern visitors as we said in our last report, and warm is very much still the word to describe the days temps here. And once again while we have managed some very nice fish, the fishing remains just as erratic as before.


           Today was a perfect example. Three Bonito (Little Tunny) on ice as we pounded the reefs and just off the edge trying for some action, which wasn’t coming easily. Postcard picture morning with only a few clouds around the edges of the horizon and not a one overhead. Clean clear water and good north current. Good Wahoo conditions, and we have seen a few. But no, not this morning. So we look and look with only the three Bonito and then we get our chance. Crank everything up and scoot over to  a Sail betraying his location by free jumping in a straight line to the south about 300 yards off our side. Cast a live bait to him, get the bite, and we catch a nice fat full grown Sailfish for a 9 year old boy on 20 # spin. So a really good fish gets caught and released and the three Bonito which could have easily been the bottom line feel a little better. So a long story to point out it can be tough right now, but it ain’t never over till it’s over. If you have a few miles on the meter like me you know who originally made that endearing statement.


           So we hang tough with some often tough fishing and chip away. As I stated a few Wahoo around and some Sails but not that many chances for them. We especially target the mid sized Tunas for the kids as you see in the posted photo with this report. And the young man in another photo with another nice Golden Tilefish. Those Tiles are thankfully on a different page. They are biting quite well.


           Tight lines, see you on the rip. Shorts, shades, a tee shirt, hat and sunscreen, It;s the 1st week of March in Ft. Lauderdale



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