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Stellar weather and continued good fishing

Postcard perfect weather here for our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale. Easter morning was beautiful and the temperature is forecasted to top out at 75 today. In other words, the fishing is good.


The super strong Bonito presence has slightly faded and as a result we are seeing more variety on charters. Kings, Wahoo, and Sailfish occupy the same depths and take those same baits and are getting a better opportunity to take those baits as the Bonito have thinned out. Caught some Mahi-Mahi in there as well. One might think that the action would slow more  (never a good thing with kids) with the diminished presence of the Bonito, but the overall bite has been strong.

As we mentioned, plenty of sun. Good clean water has pushed up on the reefs with a strong current today. Good weather and good water conditions. Enjoy the pictures of anglers who have joined us here aboard Marlin my Darlin and we’ll see you on the rip.


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