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Migrating Sharks and more on Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters

Once again we are experiencing some very nice weather. Almost still most mornings and then as the heat index comes up, and it comes up, a good easterly breeze takes the edge off. This time of year here has warmer air rising up off the land in the everglades to the west of us and when that warmer air meets the cooler air somewhere up in those clouds( then white), it turns grey and often black and hello rain. Better news is that the majority of that rain remains to the west of the ocean many days. “Many days”, not all days, welcome to May in Florida. Fishing remains pretty consistent as is typical for May. Kings inside with often a healthy number of the Bonito competing for the bait. Chance for a Sailfish, Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna along and just off the edge. Again only scattered Mahi. Tilefish, Snappers and Jacks deep when the current is light. And sharks when the current runs.


We have included some photos of recent anglers who fished with us aboard  Marlin my Darlin that had the opportunity the catch some of the Hammerhead Sharks that are migrating through our area and present offshore on many Fort Lauderdale fishing charters. Good fish and good fun. We tease a number of these fish into taking a bait right beside the boat as we have mentioned before and this is a great show with a large fish often very aggressively focused on what he or she perceives as the next meal. And it is the next meal not the last meal. Catch and release of all Hammerheads is now law, absolutely not allowed to remove them from the water either. I don’t think that those newer laws dampened the spirits appreciably as be sure to notice the faces of the anglers as well as the sharks. Fellow in the lead photo with this report is a professional fishing guide in Canada with a lot of fish under his belt. Sharks all year here in Florida, but the peak for these is right now. As we stated above various fun species continue to be available offshore here, but if you wish good odds at bending the rod on a sizable fish that has some pretty good horsepower to go along with the size now is the time to but that smile in place. See you on the rip.


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